European Cruises

Looking for the kind of holiday where everything is organized for you so that all you have to do is concern yourself with getting to it. Then this is one of the main advantages to booking one of the many cruises now available. Although generally people think of cruises lasting a few weeks there length of these has also changed in recent years. You can of course still head off on a 2 week or month long cruise if you wish but many companies now offer mini cruises that last a few days or ones that just last a week.

For those who would like to see some of north or south Europe from a completely different perspective then the opportunity is there. Below we take a look at some of the more favoured parts of Europe where such holidays can be taken nowadays.

Cruise 1 – Baltic Sea Area

This type of holiday takes you to places like Norway and Finland initially before heading towards Russia. When you reach Russia this type of holiday offers you the opportunity to visit the wonderful city of St Petersburg. Then if you are intending to travel on this holiday for at least two weeks you may find that you have the opportunity to head towards Germany and Denmark taking in all that the cities of Copenhagen and Hamburg have to offer.

Cruise 2 – Mediterranean

With these kinds of cruises you have the opportunity to not only explore some of the most romantic and exotic cities in this part of Europe. But of course you have the opportunity to spend time relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches. Look for those cruises that take in Southern Spain’s coastline such as the resorts of Malaga and Cadiz. Otherwise why not take in this kind of holiday that offers you the opportunity to explore the North African coastline.