European Cruises

Looking for the kind of holiday where everything is organized for you so that all you have to do is concern yourself with getting to it. Then this is one of the main advantages to booking one of the many cruises now available. Although generally people think of cruises lasting a few weeks there length of these has also changed in recent years. You can of course still head off on a 2 week or month long cruise if you wish but many companies now offer mini cruises that last a few days or ones that just last a week.

For those who would like to see some of north or south Europe from a completely different perspective then the opportunity is there. Below we take a look at some of the more favoured parts of Europe where such holidays can be taken nowadays.

Cruise 1 – Baltic Sea Area

This type of holiday takes you to places like Norway and Finland initially before heading towards Russia. When you reach Russia this type of holiday offers you the opportunity to visit the wonderful city of St Petersburg. Then if you are intending to travel on this holiday for at least two weeks you may find that you have the opportunity to head towards Germany and Denmark taking in all that the cities of Copenhagen and Hamburg have to offer.

Cruise 2 – Mediterranean

With these kinds of cruises you have the opportunity to not only explore some of the most romantic and exotic cities in this part of Europe. But of course you have the opportunity to spend time relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches. Look for those cruises that take in Southern Spain’s coastline such as the resorts of Malaga and Cadiz. Otherwise why not take in this kind of holiday that offers you the opportunity to explore the North African coastline.

Enjoy Sailing With The Sailing Yacht Hetairos

Sailing yacht Hetairos is a luxury yacht that you can consider chartering if you are planning to go on a sailing vacation or trip in the near future. It was built in the year 1993 by Abeking & Rasmussen Yachts and if you actually go onboard, you will find that the style of this yacht is simply amazing. If you charter this yacht then you will be able to have six crew members at your service.

This is a yacht you can consider chartering if you have a maximum of eight people who will be sailing with you. The wider design collaboration of this particular yacht has been taken from Bruce King and he has also supplied the plans for its technical naval architecture. The interior design of this beautiful yacht will mesmerize you and this design has been created by Andrew Winch. Mahogany and teak comprise of the chief super structure of this boat.

This yacht is 125.6 ft long and it has a beam of 27.7 ft. As such, the S/Y Hetairos has quite huge internal space. It utilizes a single agile MTU main engine(s) and it has the potential to achieve high speed of twelve knots. The yacht’s chief engine has the potential to generate 445 kilowatts and it is driven by one single screw propeller. This yacht is flagged in the UK and Rye is its official registry port.

The hull material that has been used is wood and its superstructure is also wood. It has a maximum draught of 28.54 feet and a minimum draught of 9.84 feet. This stylish yacht was created in Germany and mahogany was used to make the hull of this boat. It was manufactured for the main purpose of super yacht racing and world cruises. Its deck is made from teak and it has two double bedrooms, two twin rooms and a master bedroom. You will be happy to learn that it can move at high speed and its cruising speed is 10 knots and the maximum speed is 11.8 knots.

Many of you may not be aware but this yacht is very popular in different parts of the world on the regatta courses and it has won several titles. This yacht has already sailed to the four different corners of the world and many love this boat simply because it looks amazing and it can offer first-class experience to people.

It is believed that every small detail was considered carefully at the time of constructing this wonder yacht and this is the reason why it has won the hearts of many people. In fact, there are some people who are of the opinion that the Sailing Yacht Hetairos is possibly the last and the biggest mahogany yacht that is present in the world. Creating this yacht was indeed a challenge for the manufacturer but in the end, all the hard work has been paid of because after working for 662 days, the world got a glimpse of a super yacht.

Reasons for Booking a Cruise

If you have a number of weeks holiday available and want to take the kind where you can spend some quiet time relaxing, then a cruise is your best option. Also by taking such a holiday you have the opportunity to be pampered by others for all the hard work you have done throughout the year. Okay these holidays may tend to cost a little more than the conventional resort holiday but it offers you the chance to explore other countries from a totally new perspective.

So what else would make you want to think about booking a cruise as your next holiday, whether with your partner or your family? Below we take a look at some of the reasons people are choosing this type of holiday over the more traditional ones today.

Reason 1 – You are not limited to enjoying this type of holiday at any specific time of year as you can choose one where the sun will be. Whereas with a traditional holiday most of us will choose to spend time at these resorts when the weather is at its better, the summer months. So of course you will be sharing all the facilities with other tourists who have chosen this time to take their holiday as well.

Reason 2 – Organizing a cruise for the whole family offers parents the chance to relax and unwind whilst the kids are enjoying all the activities that have been organized on board for them. Plus should the parents start to feel a little energetic as well then they have the opportunity to enjoy several different activities as well. Also should anyone not feel like doing anything on any day then of course the answer is simple they don’t have to.

Reason 3 – Of course by opting to take your holiday out of the peak season times means that in many cases you can save on the cost of your cruise.